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Today we have a deck idea article with the new GenCon promos: Ryu or 8-bit Ryu

A few things I learned about game mechanics and this card from it’s designer, A.J. “The Hurricane” Murray is that the first form ability can be used as many times as you want so long as you can pay cost. Given that logic, let’s read Ryu’s second ability, his enhance. “Add one card to… Your attack gets +X damage…” Wait, you mean that I get bonus damage and all I have to do is add one card from my hand to the top of my deck?! This means that Ryu’s first ability feeds into spamming his enhance on any given kill turn a player would like to set up. Not to mention it also guarantees your next check to be what you place on the top of the deck.

I’m really excited about this card, and I can’t wait to test Ryu in locals to see if it has tier potential. Let’s see what you guys think:


Here is my own original deck list (I had to use Terry as the character since ufsultra.com doesn’t have Ryu online yet), let’s talk about attack strings. Ryu is a draw and damage beast, or vice versa. So it would make sense that if you can attack a lot because you can use the damage ability as much as you want as long as you have cards in your hand and if you can draw cards to feed that ability, then you’re golden.



Enticelles: this is card is a low difficulty attack that allows you to pick up another low difficulty attack from your discard pile for the LOW low price of 2 vitality.

So essentially with Ryu you’re paying 2 life for +1 card advantage to gain extra damage, play an attack, or both in any order.



Mistral: This card is a must in the attack line up I created for the deck. This card gives you momentum if you combo with a mid attack, which is not hard to do!

For Ryu that momentum translates to drawing or feeding it to a multiple which is the same as having another attack.


hurricane upper

Hurricane Upper: Free momentum, multiples, and can combo with Mistral for 2 momentum in total.


ice slasher

Ice Slasher: This card is only in here because of the low difficulty, pushing attacks out the wazoo, and hand sculpting.



Kuuga (Yuri Chou Upper): This cards in here because it commits cards you don’t want to deal with, it’s low difficulty, and Ryu can pump it safely knowing that speed can’t be reduced. Playing this card second with Breaking Limits is brutal.


Utility cards: let’s talk about the most useful cards of the deck outside of the attack cards.


merciless master

Merciless Master: This card allows you to add a momentum to the top of the deck and with this deck list you can either Ryu Form, Power Struggles, or Ice Slasher to draw it.



Cossack Citadel: Allows you to get a foundation on the fly with Ryu’s ability.


cursed fate

Cursed Fate: In case you have excess amount of cards than attacks you can play, you can use this card to push out an extra 2 damage. 1 for the enhance itself and 1 from Ryu’s ability.



Overall, sculpting this deck list for me has proved fun results, it’s not fully fail safe but it can sculpt a fast kill turn. With the meta changing drastically due to most of the champ cards rotating out, it’s hard for me to tell where this deck sits on our new meta with no Garett Brett decks to combat (Congratulations to Mr. Brett himself for winning Worlds Singles) and the mystery of who will be the next character card on top. The problem with this deck is that your kill turn sacrifices most chances for you to build, and that’s why Feral is in the deck, so you can draw an extra card in the case you overextend.




Here’s my last treat for readers. This decklist has a turn one, 29 damage turn.

Requirements: Be second player, have Hurricane Upper,  Mistral, and Ice Slasher, 1 card with a 4+ check and 1 card with a 5+ check. The 6th card does not matter.

  • Form 1: Play Hurricane upper and pick up a momentum. Ryu enhance to put a 4+ check on top of the deck to give 2 damage and ensure the next check is going to be a 4.
  • Form 2: Play Mistral and use the Combo E for a second momentum. Ryu enhance to put a +5 check on top of the deck to give 4 damage and ensure the next check is going to be a 5.
  • Form 3: Ice Slasher Multiple 2. Ryu enhance the 6 the card to give 6 damage and commit Ryu for the original Ice Slasher in case their only block is an attack and Ice Slasher says you can’t block with attacks.

That is a total of 29 damage.

So that’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I’ll see you again in the future.

Get Wild, Wolf Cub

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Tony “Wolf Cub” Tu is a UFS player from the Omaha, Nebraska area.  He has a love for all things Proto Man and Zero from Mega Man.  When he’s not playing UFS, he likes to waste time on games such as League of Legends and browser based MMOs. Coming from a Magic/Yu-gi-oh/Pokemon background, he has been playing UFS since for about a year and has travelled to both Las Vegas and Indianapolis to play in the National and Worlds events, as well as several PTCs throughout the Midwest.  He most recently sported a  Fire Proto Man deck in the Worlds Singles event.