This was my first GenCon/Worlds, since I’ve only been playing UFS for about 6 months.


I had been playing a Gemini Man deck since the Omaha PTC (where I played Lilith) and decided to stick with it for Worlds. I chose Water over his other 2 symbols because I like how defensive it is compared to the other two. Choosing Reversals over other attacks, like “Kunoichi” and Ice Slasher, was because I like to block. I like the feeling of blocking an attack that seems impossible to block. Since I like blocking, it only seems natural that I reversal.  Here is my full decklist:

Main Character: Gemini Man

Symbol: Water

Main Deck: 62 cards


…Surprise! Here’s a Napkin… x1

Kim’s Dobok x1

Roll x1



Gemini Slam x4

Double Gemini Slam x3

Spreggio x3

Étoile – Filante x2

Extra Characters

Gemini Man x3


Ophidiophobia x4

Narcissist x3

Wisdom of Castor x1

Designed for Combat x4

Balanced Fighter x4

Where the Seas Meet x4

Lesser Half x4

Conflicting Ambitions x2

Short Fuse x2

Stunning New Look x2

Ever Hopeful x2

Caught Red Handed x2

A Matter of Heads or Tails x1

Celestial being x2

The Out of Control Giant x1

Second Chance x2

Side Deck

Swarm of Bats x2

Houou Hiten Kyaku x3

Reactive Style x2

Caught Red Handed x1

To go over some of my deck choices I’ll start with the top and go down. Surprise and Roll are simple they are close to staples for every Water deck. The Dobok was a last minute tech that neither helped nor hurt me. Kersplat and Gemini Slam are staples. I chose Double Gemini Slam because it’s an okay multiple with a +0 Low Block. Spreggio for my playstyle is better than Skull Barrier, because I like to draw, gives you more options. Etoile is good reversal with practically 7 base speed with Gemini Man and it forces you to block.

Ophidiophobia, Narcissist and Caught Red Handed are staples and for me, so are The Seas and Lesser Half (because I feel that they simply help me win games). Ever Hopeful being the most powerful card in the game right now (IMHO) is a must play. Heads and Tails, Out of Control Giant and Wisdom are great defensive 1 ofs. Conflicting is a spam that draws and Second Chance gets me momentum for a multiple or for Roll. Celestial and Stunning are great in Reversal decks. Short Fuse is a 1 drop that stops Breaker and Skull Barrier. I play 4 Balanced Fighter because Felicia and Gemini Man are popular right now. Designed is a great spam that combos off of Balanced and lets me sculpt my hand.

Swarm of Bats stops things that would hurt me on my kill turn. Houou Hiten and Reactive Style are there to slow down Felicia and Snake Man. The extra Caught Red Handed stopped decks that like to draw. and the high block was a nice bonus.

GenCon Teams Report

After some deck changes and some late night playtesting, I was ready for teams. Being the newest edition to Team RunningWild (along with Myles LegendaryWolf Tyler with his Terry deck and Danielle “BlueMary” Tyler with her Felicia deck), I had some major expectations to meet, but playing Gemini Man I felt I could get there.

In Round 1, I got paired against Team You Betcha’s  Proto Man/Fire Man. I don’t remember much outside of our last game. It was a really good game but I took it in the end. We started the day in a good way with a win.

For Round 2, I played against Iori. This match ended in a draw, because as time was called we were 1-1 (him starting second and on his turn) and he felt he would of lost if he attacked me, which I also believe would have happened. With 1 win and 1 draw, we were still in a good position.

Paul Bittner, playing Paul Bittner, was my opponent for Round 3. I had never played against a Paul Bittner deck before and had no clue what to expect. In Game 1, I got Trinity Rolled on turn 2, didn’t even get a second turn. Game 2 was a little better, but with a good push late in the game, he got me. We lost that match as a team and were now; 1 Win, 1 Draw, and 1 Loss. Being 1-1-1 we were not out of the running, but we would have to win our last 2 games, a loss would knock us out.

Felicia was the deck I would have to play for Round 4. This was a great opportunity to test out my side tech (Houou Hiten Kyaku). I won Game 1 and going into Game 2, I sided into Houou Hiten. Game 2 was longer but a few bad checks (Houou Hiten Kyaku) led to a loss. For game 3, I kept the Houou Hiten’s in because I felt that if I had drawn them instead of checked them, I would of had complete control of the game. Sadly we were unable to finish our match. Snake Man had gotten the better of Terry and Athena beat Felicia. With this loss we were now out of the running for top.

The last match we played Team Champions of Throw Town (Still liked their other name better. “Betty White Tit Fuck”), also from Omaha.  Being comprised of everyone else who came up with us, it was looking like it was going to be a fun match. Since we were both no longer in the running for Top, the match was more for Pride and Bragging Rights. Winning the dice roll, we made our selection, then I was called out by my friend Tony for theirs. We all knew what the others were playing, so it was going to be some fun matches. Being Pitted against Protoman, I knew our matches were going to be fast. Game 1 was as fast as I thought it was going to be. I won because he likes to play very aggressive and sometimes it doesn’t work out for him. Game 2 was just as fast as the first but he won. Game 3 was slower but my deck is better in a slower game and I won. We won as a team, finishing the day at; 2 Wins, 2 Losses, and 1 Draw. Finishing in an unimpressive 14th, we had to just forget about it, and do some last minute deck polishing for Singles.

GenCon Singles Report

After making my last changes to my deck, I felt like I had a really good chance with Gemini Man, I took a nap for an hour and a half and then we were off to the convention center. I started Singles off against Chris Smith and his Skull Man deck. No one in our play group plays Skull man and I didn’t really know what to expect. Our first game was a little slow, but I got him. In game 2 I got Kunoichi rolled. Game 3 went into time with him going second (So Much Advantage going Second), and he decided to end the game in a draw. No complaints, as a Round 1, I have no problems with taking a Draw.

For Round 2 I played Nick Brown and his Dr Cossack deck. I won game 1, we went into time game 2. He conceded I’m guessing he felt he couldn’t get through my substantial boardstate with what was in his hand.

In Round 3 I was paired against Ryan Field and his Skull Man deck. Game 1 was rough, as I didn’t really know the strength of  “Golden Ticket” yet, nor was I expecting what he played. After losing that game we moved on to Game 2. Going into the game, I knew what to expect, even so the game came down to the wire. It was his turn, It came down to a Skull Barrier on a ” 9 ” with only his character uncommitted. He passed it. Nothing I could do. Elec Slam + “Golden Ticket” + Reprogramming, these cards used together are really good, they are what helped him pass that Skull Barrier and what I believe helped him make Top 16.

Going into Round 4 I was 1-1-1. My opponent was Chris Nixon and his Jedah, being a player from Omaha, I had played him before and knew the match was not going to be easy. After winning 1 game and losing 1 game, it was down to Game 3. Though with little time left, we could have just drew, I knew if I wanted to beat Diversity ( Phil Birch Playing Evil, Keenan Meadows playing Air, and both of them sitting near the top tables), I needed to win. So we played it out, after time was called it was his turn, and with no cards in my hand, he commits everything on his side to pass his last attack for game. I was now sitting with; 1 Win, 1 Draw, and 2 losses. I needed to win out and have both Phil and Keenan lose. Not the best of odds.

Coming back from lunch I had to face yet another player from Omaha, Tyler Clark and his Goro deck. Being my cousin and my best friend, his deck was the deck I knew the best. Being a Throw deck I knew I would have to get my Ophidiophobia’s out as fast as I could. In Game 1 I could not do that leading to a loss, but in Game 2 I got ’em out leading to a victory. Game 3 went a little like Game 2 but was a little closer, I’m going to give Ever Hopeful the “Win” since in the late game I practically left him with no foundations, leading to my win.

After winning, I carried some confidence into the next round. Andrew Olexa was my opponent in Round 6. I didn’t really know what expect, since I had never played against a Kyo deck before. I took Game 1 and going into Game 2  I sided into Houou Hiten, since it would of been very advantageous to get it off against Kyo + Kyo’s Jacket. And just like every other time I sided into Houou Hiten, bad checks led to a loss. With time running short at the start of Game 3, I felt the same urgency I did in the match versus Chris Nixon. Running off that sense of urgency, I started my first turn by playing; 2 Gemini Man, a foundation, then I failed my next check because of Houou Hiten. During the next turn I decided to just go all in, and I threw a Gemini Slam at him (12 high for 8 Damage). Being basically unblockable Turn 2, it took a good chunk of his life away, afterwards I played 2 or 3 foundations and passed. During what would be the last turn, I passed all my attacks on rolling 5 checks to win the game. The game was very exhausting and stressful, since it could have went the complete opposite direction.

Before Round 7, I learned that I was going to be diversified (Keenan winning 5 games). Now I was playing to try and Top 16 (Before Diversity). Aaron Lindo and his Snake Man would be my last hurdle for the day. Since the defensive side of my deck likes to ignore progressive difficulty (Stunning New Look, Kersplat!!, Gemini Man) and I have more low blocks than any other zone, I felt like I had a good shot against it. I won Game 1 for those exact reasons (Double Gemini Slam +0 Low Block FTW). Game 2 I just did what my deck does best which is block everything and reversal, disrupting your kill turn, which worked. I won the match, finishing Singles 4W-1D-2L.

Even though I knew I would be diversified, I was still excited to see whether or not I had made Top 16, and unfortunately I finished in 21st place. Even though I didn’t make it, for my first Worlds, I’d say it went pretty well. Plus having the best Water Gemini Man Deck in the World is pretty nice too.

Closing Thoughts

I really wish that I thought to play Making a Killing, I feel it would have helped me a lot during the weekend. Lesser Half and Where the Seas Meet put in a lot of work as did Spreggio. Houou Hiten Kyaku was nothing but a hinderance the entire time, and will probably be taken out of my side deck. Putting in a 4th Gemini Slam the day before Singles was a great idea. I wish I had played a 3rd Étoile – Filante.

My GenCon / Worlds experience was terrific. I had fun the entire weekend. St. Louis is next, they better be ready, because Team Omaha is coming.

———————–About the Author———————–

James Stephens is a UFS player from the Omaha, Nebraska area.  He has a love for all things Eva from Red Horizon.  When he’s not playing UFS, he likes to watch anime and animated series such as RWBY. Coming from a Yu-gi-oh/Weiss Schwarz/Pokemon background, he has been playing UFS since for about 8 months and has traveled to both Las Vegas and Indianapolis to play in the National and Worlds events, as well as several PTCs throughout the Midwest.  He most recently sported this Gemini Man deck at Worlds.


Welcome to Legendary Wolf’s article section!

Today we have a deck idea article with the new GenCon promos: Ryu or 8-bit Ryu

A few things I learned about game mechanics and this card from it’s designer, A.J. “The Hurricane” Murray is that the first form ability can be used as many times as you want so long as you can pay cost. Given that logic, let’s read Ryu’s second ability, his enhance. “Add one card to… Your attack gets +X damage…” Wait, you mean that I get bonus damage and all I have to do is add one card from my hand to the top of my deck?! This means that Ryu’s first ability feeds into spamming his enhance on any given kill turn a player would like to set up. Not to mention it also guarantees your next check to be what you place on the top of the deck.

I’m really excited about this card, and I can’t wait to test Ryu in locals to see if it has tier potential. Let’s see what you guys think:


Here is my own original deck list (I had to use Terry as the character since doesn’t have Ryu online yet), let’s talk about attack strings. Ryu is a draw and damage beast, or vice versa. So it would make sense that if you can attack a lot because you can use the damage ability as much as you want as long as you have cards in your hand and if you can draw cards to feed that ability, then you’re golden.



Enticelles: this is card is a low difficulty attack that allows you to pick up another low difficulty attack from your discard pile for the LOW low price of 2 vitality.

So essentially with Ryu you’re paying 2 life for +1 card advantage to gain extra damage, play an attack, or both in any order.



Mistral: This card is a must in the attack line up I created for the deck. This card gives you momentum if you combo with a mid attack, which is not hard to do!

For Ryu that momentum translates to drawing or feeding it to a multiple which is the same as having another attack.


hurricane upper

Hurricane Upper: Free momentum, multiples, and can combo with Mistral for 2 momentum in total.


ice slasher

Ice Slasher: This card is only in here because of the low difficulty, pushing attacks out the wazoo, and hand sculpting.



Kuuga (Yuri Chou Upper): This cards in here because it commits cards you don’t want to deal with, it’s low difficulty, and Ryu can pump it safely knowing that speed can’t be reduced. Playing this card second with Breaking Limits is brutal.


Utility cards: let’s talk about the most useful cards of the deck outside of the attack cards.


merciless master

Merciless Master: This card allows you to add a momentum to the top of the deck and with this deck list you can either Ryu Form, Power Struggles, or Ice Slasher to draw it.



Cossack Citadel: Allows you to get a foundation on the fly with Ryu’s ability.


cursed fate

Cursed Fate: In case you have excess amount of cards than attacks you can play, you can use this card to push out an extra 2 damage. 1 for the enhance itself and 1 from Ryu’s ability.



Overall, sculpting this deck list for me has proved fun results, it’s not fully fail safe but it can sculpt a fast kill turn. With the meta changing drastically due to most of the champ cards rotating out, it’s hard for me to tell where this deck sits on our new meta with no Garett Brett decks to combat (Congratulations to Mr. Brett himself for winning Worlds Singles) and the mystery of who will be the next character card on top. The problem with this deck is that your kill turn sacrifices most chances for you to build, and that’s why Feral is in the deck, so you can draw an extra card in the case you overextend.




Here’s my last treat for readers. This decklist has a turn one, 29 damage turn.

Requirements: Be second player, have Hurricane Upper,  Mistral, and Ice Slasher, 1 card with a 4+ check and 1 card with a 5+ check. The 6th card does not matter.

  • Form 1: Play Hurricane upper and pick up a momentum. Ryu enhance to put a 4+ check on top of the deck to give 2 damage and ensure the next check is going to be a 4.
  • Form 2: Play Mistral and use the Combo E for a second momentum. Ryu enhance to put a +5 check on top of the deck to give 4 damage and ensure the next check is going to be a 5.
  • Form 3: Ice Slasher Multiple 2. Ryu enhance the 6 the card to give 6 damage and commit Ryu for the original Ice Slasher in case their only block is an attack and Ice Slasher says you can’t block with attacks.

That is a total of 29 damage.

So that’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I’ll see you again in the future.

Get Wild, Wolf Cub

———————–About the Author———————–

Tony “Wolf Cub” Tu is a UFS player from the Omaha, Nebraska area.  He has a love for all things Proto Man and Zero from Mega Man.  When he’s not playing UFS, he likes to waste time on games such as League of Legends and browser based MMOs. Coming from a Magic/Yu-gi-oh/Pokemon background, he has been playing UFS since for about a year and has travelled to both Las Vegas and Indianapolis to play in the National and Worlds events, as well as several PTCs throughout the Midwest.  He most recently sported a  Fire Proto Man deck in the Worlds Singles event.