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FF TCG Online Tournament Entry


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1 entry for a FF TCG Online Tournament

***When submitting your payment, please include your Discord handle and SE Number in the notes section***
This will help us facilitate the tournaments faster to get Round 1 pairings up.

Tournaments can be as low as 8 players and will be capped out at 32 players before starting another tournament.

-Tournament Schedule-

Thursday Evenings @ 7:30 PM CST (Constructed)
Friday Evenings @ 7:30 PM CST (Constructed)
Sunday Afternoons @ 2:30 PM CST (L3)

Join our Discord server  up to 60 minutes prior to the tournament time and submit your entry fee by purchasing this item. Round pairings, time, and judge calls will all be managed in the Discord server.

Matches can be played on the online platform that is agreeable to both players. Options include TTS, OCTGN, Untap, or any online medium (Skype, Duo, Facetime, In-Person).  All matches will be played through the same day, just like an in-person tournament.

If you place in the top 4 of a tournament, we will ask you to submit your decklist to us.

-Point Structure-

Players are awarded points for playing, which can be stored and redeemed for prizes at their convenience.

1 point – playing a match
1 point – winning a match
2 points* – top cut except 1st place
4 points – winner (8 player pod)
5 points – winner (16 player pod)

*For 8 player tournaments, 2nd through 4th are awarded 2 extra points.
*For 16 player tournaments, 2nd through 8th are awarded 2 extra points.

All points are accumulated until the player chooses to cash them out.  They are exclusive to the player who earned them and non-transferrable. Dropping from a tournament forfeits any points earned for that tournament.


If you disconnect from your match, you must attempt to reestablish connection with your opponent within the round (time extensions may be allowed on a case-by-case basis).
Failure to reconnect will result in a loss, with the connected player receiving the win; if both players experience difficulties, a double-loss will be issued.

If a player is unable or unwilling to play, they forfeit their match.

If both players are unable or unwilling to play, a double loss is awarded.


2pt – Non-Foil Promo of choice
4pt – any FFTCG booster pack
10pt – Foil Promo of choice
40pt – PR Kit
120pt – Choice of any in-stock FF TCG booster box
Xpt – $X Online Store Credit toward purchases made on
*while supplies last
This prize list is subject to change over time, as prizes may be added or removed due to availability.


Shipping for prizes is $3 to the USA. Redemption over 20 points will qualify for free shipping. International players will have to pay $15 USD for international shipping.

At this time, these online rules are still being finalized and established.  These rules are subject to change, and if any changes are made, an announcement will be published on both our Facebook page and the Discord server with the updated rules.

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