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Dragon Ball Super Online Tournament Entry


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1 entry for a DBS LWG Online Tournament

Tournaments can be as low as 8 players and will be capped out at 16 players before starting another tournament.

Once we fill up a 16 player tournament, you will receive an email from letting you know the start time of Round 1 for your tournament.  You will have 24 hours notice of the tournament start, and will need to respond with the following information:
1) Name
2) Discord Name/Handle
3) Deck Character
4) Deck Main Symbol
5) Deck List incl. Sideboard

Tournaments will follow Swiss round procedures with no top cut playoff and will last for a maximum of 7 days. Players will be notified of their round opponents via email, discord group (provided in email) and/or social media and they will have 36 hours to complete and report their match. If all matches are completed before the 36 hour time limit, the new round will start ASAP.

Players must report their match results to with the tournament name in the subject. Since matches are played at the player’s convenience, a result of a draw will not be accepted.  If a draw is submitted as a final result, it will be considered a double loss.

Players are responsible for finding their opponents (Discord Names will be provided) and setting up their match in a timely manner.

Players may agree to use any platform as long as the match is concluded and reported accurately. (Tabletop Simulator, Untap, Skype, etc).

-Point Structure-

Players are awarded points for playing, which can be stored and redeemed for prizes at their convenience.

1 point – playing a match
1 point – winning a match
2 points* – top 4 except 1st place
4 points – winner (8 player pod)
5 points – winner (16 player pod)

*For 8 player tournaments, 2nd through 4th are awarded 2 extra points.
*For 16 player tournaments, 2nd through 8th are awarded 2 extra points.

All points are accumulated until the player chooses to cash them out.  They are exclusive to the player who earned them and non-transferrable. Dropping from a tournament forfeits any points earned for that tournament.


If a player is disconnected and the gamestate is unrecoverable, the connected player is awarded the win.

If a player is unable or unwilling to play, they forfeit their match.

If both players are unable or unwilling to play, a double loss is awarded.


2pt – Galactic Battle Booster Pack
2pt – Union Force Booster Pack
2pt – Cross Worlds Booster Pack
2pt – Colossal Warfare Booster Pack
2pt – Miraculous Revival Booster Pack
2pt – World Martial Arts Tournament Booster Pack
4pt – Assault of the Saiyans Booster Pack
4pt – Malicious Machinations Booster Pack
4pt – Universal Onslaught Booster Pack
80pt – Choice of any in-stock DBS Booster Box
Xpt – $X Online Store Credit toward purchases made on
*while supplies last
This prize list is subject to change over time, as prizes may be added or removed due to availability.


Shipping for prizes is $3 to the USA. Redemption over 20 points will qualify for free shipping. International players will have to pay $15 USD for international shipping.

At this time, these online rules are still being finalized and established.  These rules are subject to change, and if any changes are made, an announcement will be published on both our Facebook page and the Discord server with the updated rules.

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