Welcome UFSers!


We would like to introduce you to UFS University, or for short, UFSU.  It is a podcast owned by Legendary Wolf Games that is UFS based.   We will be bringing you discussions about the latest UFS news, spoilers, and deck critiques. In the future we plan to expand to a YouTube based channel to bring you even more UFS goodness!

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In this episode – Sasquatch Wears Perry Ellis – we discuss:

  • the re-emergence of Red Horizon and Tides of Vengeance cards to the standard rotation
  • The Nashville PTC and results
  • Kim – Is it time for the ban hammer?
  • Worlds 2016 – What to expect
  • Top 5 Air Cards in Standard

If you would like to submit any episode ideas, or a decklist for us to critique, please email us at contact@legendarywolfgames.com.

You can also tweet us at @ufsuniversity on Twitter, or click here.