Since we have gotten great feedback from our Deck Discussion articles, as well as receiving a request, we have decided to do a series of deck discussion articles on starter deck characters to help those that are just getting into the game modify the starter decks that they purchased with other cards from different sets.  Check back soon for our first article, J. Talbain.


We were able to get quite a few things in this weekend from the PTC and an online trade, so here’s a list of stuff that we were previously out of stock on that we now have available:

75 Shiki-Kai

Champion of Muay Thai

Dancing Flash

Danger Zone

Darkside Master

Dragon Cannon

Egyptian Pyramid

Fighting As One

Finale Rosso

Fire Storm

Flying Fortress Buster


Hidden Laughter

Hyper Bomb

Joyfully Wealthy

Leona Blade

Pharaoh Wave

Rain Flush


Search Snake

Self Destruct

Short Fuse

Silent Assassin

Stunning New Look

Team Ikari Warriors

Team K’

Tsurane Giri

Ura 1029-Shiki Homurahotogi

Happy Shopping!