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This deck discussion came by request and it’s definitely increased my knowledge about what’s available to fire if you’re not playing Robot_Masters.dek. An additional goodie to know is that I have challenged a peer of mine who is also doing a future deck discussion and we will be having a showdown with both deck discussion decks, with a write-up in the future about the match.



Choosing the Flavor:


Originally I wanted to make J. Talbain Robot Masters after hearing from Shane Duckworth that Fire Robot Masters is really strong with a 7-hander (shout out to Atlanta for the deck). However, I thought to myself, “this is a deck request, they probably want something more Talbainesque.” So here it is, a deck made for Talbain and with tons of Bain flavor.


Deck List:


Deck Flavor:


SLAMS, SLAMS, and more slams. Reprogramming and Talbain’s slams pretty much make the deck. Reprogramming is a card with recognition in the meta, with this card, it allows decks to have the ability of playing attacks without over committing and giving attacks god-like damage. With Reprogramming I’ll show how this card and Talbain’s slams make a perfect pair-up.




Crash Slam: This card is amazing tech for the deck, it’s guaranteed momentum for Reprogramming and it’s a slam to help the combos.



Canyon Flyer: A wise man once told me that this was a worse Zing (King of Salt). Zing was a really OP card and I can tell you with confidence that Canyon Flyer is worth playing. The deck is already armed with all the slams so having Canyon Flyer for 7 or 10 damage at reduced difficulty is ridiculous.



Shiranui-Ryuu: Kunoichi-no-Mai: This card is expensive and hard to get, but I would be a fool not to mention it’s spot in the deck. Kuno-ich (for short) is a seal the deal or win more card, it’s very powerful and it’s place as a one of is all you need. The deck does not need this expensive hard to get card to run however it is a good addition if you ever get your hands on one.


Shyness and Strike: You might be thinking “this isn’t a slam!” Well you’re right. If it’s one thing I learned about this game, it’s that variety is an advantage you can create within your deck list. Which is VERY different from Magic: the Gathering where you play 4-ofs for “consistency.” The reason why I have this card sitting as a two of is because of the stun 2 and it’s good bait and if they don’t block it then you get to win more.


Reprogramming: In case you’ve never played against this card before, I’ll explain. This card is essentially a +1 to all your checks, +2 if you use Housekeeper to discard it. With Talbain’s attacks which there are 11 of them in the 18 attack line up, each of those attacks get +3 damage.


Inner Voice: This card is in the deck because it completely washes your opponent if you can get it off with reprogramming. It makes your opponent want to full block all of your early attacks so it puts them in a “precarious situation.” If they let you do damage, Inner Voice with Reprogramming allows you to play so many more attacks than you otherwise would have.


Improved Design: I’m not sure how many copies I would want in the deck. Improved Design goes real well with the theme of the deck, since we have check modifiers, checking an attack is no problem. Using Improved Design to pick up that attack after wards is even more crippling to your opponent.


Fear of Women: I only have this card as as one of in the deck due to the popularity it holds in my playgroup, with good reason. This card has no block that’s true, but having it out does not hurt you at all. You use it’s enhance and it only commits IF your opponent decides to not pay cost. If they pay cost or check 5 that’s fine, this deck attacks so many times that you can spam the enhance many times and either they commit to stop you from getting speed or give you +3 speed for just one foundation.


Wall of Goro: Another hard to get card. This card is in the deck because it gives you more health just by flipping. The rewards are that you get to live longer than your initial health and if you’re winning, you can win more by filtering your hand with it’s draw ability.


Housekeeper: This card is only in here for the ability to discard Reprogramming from your card pool, because 1 foundation for +1 to all your checks additionally is really good. The speed ability is just icing.


Overall, I’ve always wanted to build a Reprogramming deck and this Talbain list is the perfect way to do so. This is for sure the deck I want to be challenging James Stephens with, rest assured an article with results will be posted (match will be the weekend of James Stephens posting his upcoming Deck Discussion). I hope I didn’t disappoint with this deck list to whom ever requested. I’m for sure going to have tons of fun with this!


Ruling per Tim Keefe (Game Designer), 8000 Degrees: If the attack deals damage, you choose the +1 or -1 damage at the beginning of the next attack.


Prepare to lose, James.


Get Wild, Wolf Cub

———————–About the Author———————–

Tony “Wolf Cub” Tu is a UFS player from the Omaha, Nebraska area.  He has a love for all things Proto Man and Zero from Mega Man.  When he’s not playing UFS, he likes to waste time on games such as League of Legends and browser based MMOs. Coming from a Magic/Yu-gi-oh/Pokemon background, he has been playing UFS since for about a year and has travelled to both Las Vegas and Indianapolis to play in the National and Worlds events, as well as several PTCs throughout the Midwest.  He most recently sported a Snake Man deck at the St. Louis PTC.


Since we have gotten great feedback from our Deck Discussion articles, as well as receiving a request, we have decided to do a series of deck discussion articles on starter deck characters to help those that are just getting into the game modify the starter decks that they purchased with other cards from different sets.  Check back soon for our first article, J. Talbain.


We were able to get quite a few things in this weekend from the PTC and an online trade, so here’s a list of stuff that we were previously out of stock on that we now have available:

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